Tansui Shrimp freshwater shrimp fish food 650g
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Tansui Shrimp freshwater shrimp fish food 650g

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Tansui Shrimp

Tansui Shrimp (Gammarus Pulex) is a freshwater shrimp that lives only in the clearest unpolluted waters throughout the world. it is related to the most natural food of koi, the water louse.

The Red form of Gammarus Pulex is very suitable as supplementary Koi food, Not only because it contains the natural source of colour enhancers but also its structure stimulates the natural digestive process in koi.

Gammarus Pulex can be fed to your Koi as a treat and to help boost their vitality and colouration.

Tansui Shrimps are selectively harvested from the clearest streams in the Arctic regions. Since they cannot tolerate any type of pollution, they are therefore a very reliable food source for our beloved Koi.


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