Pond Liner repair tape

Pond Liner repair tape

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This is a more traditional material used with small off cuts of pond liner to repair holes and slits creating a watertight bond. It is not suitable for repairs to PVC pond liners.

Mastic tape is a double-sided tape used to repair Butyland other types of pond liners. It is also used to attach waterfalls, hide creases to create a neater finish and for many other purposes. Mastic tape repair kit is an easy to use product and is sold by the linear 1m x 50mm (approx) wide.


Betta Mastic Joining Tape is for joining and repairing pond liners. It is made from a butyl rubber compound which is self-fusing UV resistant. Can be used on wet or dry liner although you will need to drain your pond first.


Per Meter price  sold in a continuous length  up to 10m