Colombo test lab professional

Colombo test lab professional

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Colombo Pond Test Lab Professional

This Colombo Pond Test Lab Professional will test for the six main water parameters: pH, GH, KH, NO2, NO3, & NH3.

The Kit included test tubes, instruction card and record form which make water testing very easy.

Colombo Water Test Kits come with convenient plastic case for ideal safe storage.

You can also use the Colombo test strips for quick indications.

Colombo Test Lab includes:

  • pH – Acidity (40 tests)
  • KH – Carbonate Hardness (25 tests)
  • GH – General Hardness (40 tests)
  • NH3 – Ammonia (40 tests)
  • NO2 – Nitrite (40 tests)
  • NO3 – Nitrate (40 tests)
  • PO4 – Phosphate (40 tests)