Blagdon AmphibiousIQ Pump 6000-12000 40-85w

Blagdon AmphibiousIQ Pump 6000-12000 40-85w

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Blagdon Amphibious IQs are powerful energy saving low maintenance pond pumps for filters and waterfalls. This range also features a digital motor enabling remote electronic power and flow control along with consuming around 30% less energy that similarly priced pumps. Available in 4 sizes to suit ponds up to 16800 litres.


The Blagdon AmphibiousIQ Pond Pump - 6000-12000 is an energy saving pond pump for filters and waterfalls. For large ponds.

  • Powerful and economical 
  • Adjustable to suit pond & season
  • Low maintenance

Suitable for waterfalls and filters, the Amphibious IQ combines low maintenance with high performance, and using its digital motor technology consumes around thirty percent less energy that similarly priced pumps.

The Amphibious IQ can be placed anyway up whilst in the pond, its casing has equally distributed holes all the way around which ensures an even flow of water to the pump so should debris create a partial blockage the pump will continue to work. The impeller also has clear housing making it easy to check for possible blockages or damage without having to undo it. With a three year guarantee the Amphibious IQ pack contains a pump, controller, hose tails and a complete set of fittings.